"The COVID-19 Crisis presents unique and constantly changing challenges to our lives and appears to be creating new challenges at every turn. However, these challenges are not just new; they are exacerbations of previous inadequacies of BHUSD’s actions that are now at the forefront, but have existed for long before the pandemic. That’s why I entered this race- to solve problems that not only are new, but have existed for years and gone unchanged. The 21st-century world is moving at a blinding pace, but the Beverly Hills Board of Education has been too slow to keep up- and students, teachers, and families suffer the consequences. The only way to return Beverly Hills to the upper echelon of California schools is to bring sweeping changes and reforms, but no candidate nor current board member has advocated for such. 
It's time to change that. 
It’s time for a brighter future."
Benjamin Liker
As the youngest competitor in the school board race and one of the youngest people running for elected office in the entire country, Benjamin Liker is running a campaign unlike any other. The most recent recipient of a Beverly Hills education in the race, Liker attended Beverly Hills schools for his entire childhood, graduating from Beverly Hills High School in 2018, having previously attended El Rodeo. Being the only candidate to attend a Beverly Hills school in the past 10 years, combined with working closely with many BHUSD students as a private tutor for over 6 years, Liker has a unique and thorough perspective of how school board policies are actually implemented and is intimately familiar with the failures and successes of instruction in the district.
Liker’s vision of what he would accomplish as a school board member is as ambitious as the 19-year-old who is going pound-for-pound with much older competitors. Running on platforms of safety and innovation, Liker’s goals for the office include implementing safety procedures for COVID-19, expanding access and resources for survivors of sexual assault, implementing oversight of health effects of construction at Beverly Hills schools, creating procedures and teaching methods for online and hybrid learning that works for students and teachers alike, modernizing curricula to fit the 21st century, instituting a revolutionary career/trade/technical education program, and committing the district to net zero waste by 2030. Liker has seen how the past decade-plus has seen Beverly Hills schools fall from the upper echelon of local schools, and through his modernization and reform plan, hopes to attract Beverly Hills residents who have recently sent their children to private schools over BHUSD ones.
Liker lives with his two younger brothers, Maxim and Jasper, who attend BHHS and Horace Mann, respectively; his mother Celina, a BHHS alumna; father Gene; grandmother Yona; and beloved dog Kenya, a pit-lab rescued from South Central LA. Liker is currently finishing degrees in Chemistry/Organic Materials Science and Political Science at UCLA. At UCLA, he is Director of Research at UCCRJ, a coalition aimed at improving reproductive care and support for survivors of sexual violence across all University of California campuses.


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Star Grayson - Campaign Manager

Grace Tillman - Treasurer

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