1. COVID-19 Safety of Students, Educators, and Families

2. Sexual Violence and Mental Health Initiatives

3. Construction and Oil Rig Oversight

When it is eventually safe enough to send our children to school in-person, we must have the measures in place to keep teachers, students, and families healthy. While children may not show as severe of symptoms as adults and have much better mortality rates, they still can serve as carriers for COVID-19 and can easily infect other children, teachers, staff, siblings, and parents. Input from our educators, administrators, and staff should be at the forefront of any decisions made about returning to in-person school. Parents should not have to panic about their children contracting COVID-19 while at school, and we must have the correct and most protective measures in place to keep everyone safe.

View my complete COVID-19 plan HERE!


Parents should send their children to school knowing their children are in a safe, secure, and productive environment; students deserve to leave their homes every day knowing they are going to such a place. School should be a safe space for our students, and it is important to have the appropriate measures in place to protect them. While federal Title IX policies are in place to legally protect students, it is crucial to have resources for students to access and seek help should an incident of sexual violence, sexual harassment, or domestic violence occur. Similarly, resources for the mental health struggles students face on an everyday basis must be available at no extra charge for students. Not all students feel comfortable seeking help outside of school, and that may be unavoidable- the job of BHUSD is to make sure that there are resources in school to help when students feel backed into a corner.


The first step to implementing these resources is placing a permanent school psychologist in each Beverly Hills school who serves as a non-mandated reporter and confidential resource for students. This resource provides students with an accessible contact to discuss further measures to protect the student and keep school a safe place. In the time of COVID, these mandated and non-mandated reports will be accessible to students through online platforms such as Zoom or email so that students remain safe at school even if they are learning from home. School only occurs for 180 days of the year and fewer than 8 hours per school day- students spend over 80% of their time outside of school, so it is imperative to establish a hotline directly to the school psychologist 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year in case a crisis emerges. The second step is ensuring each school nurse in BHUSD is SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner) certified. We need to make sure that the backbones of school health are capable of addressing any problems that may arise. The final part is a comprehensive sexual, domestic and mental health education, bystander intervention training, and violence/harassment education- Check out the 9-12 plan for more.


Everly BHUSD family knows that there is construction going on in the district, but do they know about the health risks airborne particles pose to respiratory health? During a pandemic in which respiratory health can be the difference between life and death, ensuring that these particles pose no risk to students is a no-brainer. I have done research with the International Safety Equipment Association with risks and standards associated with all sorts of particles of different compositions, sizes, and dangers- and I will make sure that the construction going on at Beverly Hills schools pose no threat to your children. And the same thing with the BHHS oil rig- the capping litigation was a fiasco, and after how legal proceedings were handled, not many families have faith in how safely the job was done. I promise if elected, I will create an oversight committee for both construction pollution and the oil rig- To keep your children safe.


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