1. Attract More Families to Beverly Hills Schools

2. Become a National Model of Innovation

Over the past few decades, Beverly Hills schools have seen their cumulative enrollments nearly halved as thousands of families have lost faith in a Beverly Hills public education system and opted instead to send their children to other schools. This trend of families leaving the district has profound effects on the quality of education Beverly Hills students receive. It is time to reverse that trend.


90210 is the most famous ZIP code in the country, and every Beverly Hills resident should want to send their child to BHUSD schools. When Beverly Hills moves to more innovative approaches for educating students and revamping the curriculum to be more individualized and real-world oriented, the district can attract more families who currently send their children to private schools instead of BHUSD. It is crucial that we utilize the resources at our disposal to grow our school district, bring more students from Beverly Hills into BHUSD, and expand the curriculum to prepare students for every possible career track after graduation.


Through the creation of a safer school environment, tailoring classes to fit individual needs, and giving a voice to our students and teachers, Beverly Hills can see tangible, extensive improvement. By attracting more families to BHUSD, we can increase grade sizes (but not class sizes) and thus secure more funding and resources to further improve our students’ education. These new families will be welcome additions to the district, bringing in new ideas, cultures, and ideas to expand the possibilities of what is possible.

By increasing emphasis on new, innovative teaching methods, increasing the role of technology in classrooms, giving teachers and students a larger outlet in choices about them, and changing district educational goals, BHUSD can transform itself from an example of how not to run a school district to one that others around the country can emulate.


Paid for by Benjamin Liker for School Board 2020. FPPC ID 1430592